GCode Rise Relentless Aminos (Code Orange) Recovery Elixir for Muscle Recovery, Electrolytes and Hydration- 30 Servings

??The original BCAA ?Recovery Elixir? is back and reloaded. Better than ever. 4:1:1 BCAA, Glutamine and Betaine, but now loaded with EAA and patented AgmaMax. And that?s just the potent muscle recovery portion of the formula. Ideal for hydration, it makes typical sugary sports drinks obsolete-packing coconut water powder, sea salt and electrolytes into each hydrating scoop. Plus Vitamins C and D3 for immune support. Drink it from daylight to dusk and dawn again, plus a scoop intraworkout, keeping a steady stream of recovery nutrients in your system all day long helping you stand up to the stresses of the hardest training and the most hectic life in the real world. Get it now, in the mouth-watering, creamsicle-inspired Code Orange flavor.

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