VMI Sports, Caffinity, 60 Count, Nootropic Energy Supplement with Time Released Caffeine and L-Theanine, All Day Energy and Focus Without The Crash of Coffee or Energy Drinks

RAZOR SHARP ENERGY & FOCUS for life’s everyday tasks, No more jitters, no more crash. CAFFINITY fuels your brain with pure focused energy so you can complete the task at hand. Whether you are cramming for a test, prepping for a big game, preparing an important presentation, or just trying to keep up with your high octane lifestyle, CAFFINITY was designed for your situation BETTER THAN COFFEE – Formulated specifically for manimum energy. Feel the energy in seconds, and don’t think twice! This is Coffee and then some!… CAFFINITY can help you harness maximum energy and get stuff done! Long Drive? Long Weekend? Going out for a Late Night? CAFFINITY is THE Answer… All the energy yoiu need, no crash, no jitters, no problem – just pure energy!

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