SAN Platinum Isolate Supreme, Delicious Milk Chocolate, 2 Pound

Platinum isolate supreme is one of the highest quality protein shakes available. Its quick and complete mixing formula is easily digestible, amazingly delicious and lightning fast for muscle recovery and repair. Platinum isolate supreme consists of a custom protein isolate blend which includes hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, BCAAs and EAA. Being a hydrolyzed form of whey protein, in other words the bulky protein structure is now broken down into smaller fragments now enable the update of the amino acids into your muscles more completely for greater utilization and repair. As a custom isolate matrix platinum isolate supreme is devoid of lactose, fat and carbohydrates. Platinum isolate supreme is also high in lactoferrin and rich in a lactalbumin, both which contribute to increased nitrogen retention, cognitive support and greater protein absorption. Platinum isolate supreme is ultra pure, mouth watering delicious and doesn’t contain any excess fat and cholesterol to hinder your progress. The zero fat, zero sugar and lactose free formula supplies 27 gram of a ultra premium whey isolate matrix which contain very low, medium and high molecular weight whey peptides while retaining essential micro fractions to support fast absorption and complete muscle repair. All of our mouth watering flavors are delicious, making platinum isolate supreme a protein shake that you will literally look forward to each and every day.

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