Pro Tan Hot Stuff Instant Vasodialation Optimizer -- 4 fl oz

Hot Stuff High Definition Optimizer, made with natural buffers and Vasculex, an exclusive combination that helps assist in micro circulation and stimulation throughout the upper levels of the skin, creating the ultimate shredded look. You’ll feel a deep, warming heat that helps keep your muscle warm while your pumping up backstage while providing your skin with a flushing glow. The perfect compliment to a well defined, chiseled physique. This product is Hard Core – Please read all directions and warnings prior to use. Helpful TipsApply small amount at a timeUse before you pump up to lock in your bronzerIf too hot apply over your Muscle Juice or Muscle SheenProduct HighlightsIncreases vascularityHelps to warm musclesHelps to prevent cramps and soothe tired musclesLeaves skin with perfect contest sheen

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