Nordic Naturals Daily Omega Kids, Strawberry - 30 Mini Soft Gels - 340 mg Total Omega-3s with EPA & DHA - Brain & Visual Function - Non-GMO - 30 Servings

Product DescriptionOmega-3s are essential fatty acids nutrients that our bodies need for a healthy heart, healthy eyes, and a healthy brain and mood. But it?s difficult to get enough omega-3s from food, even with a healthy diet. By supplementing with our doctor-recommended Daily Omega Kids, you can make sure you get the omega-3s you need to achieve optimal health, in just one soft gel a day. Daily Omega Kids is a concentrated formula for children ages 3+. Easily swallowed or chewed, these tasty soft gels make it easy to give your child the omega-3s they need even for those with the pickiest palates.Brand StoryBy Nordic Naturals

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