Muscletech Products - #Shatter SX-7 Watermelon Fusion 50 Servings - 10.27 oz

The Most Powerful Pre-Workout Experience With Clinically Tested Ingredients! 147% Increase In Muscle Strength Subjects Gained 8.8 Lbs. Of Lean Muscle In 12 Weeks Only Pre-Workout With Peak Atp And Myristica For An Unparalleled Sensory Experience Relentless Energy Power And Muscle Pumps For More Explosive Workouts The Most Powerful Pre-Workout Experience With Clinically Tested Ingredients!#Shatter Sx-7 Is A Creatine-Free Pre-Workout Formulated With Super-Extreme And Cutting-Edge Premium Ingredients To Deliver A Powerful And Unparalleled Workout Experience. It Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried! The Unique Clean Formula Was Designed To Help You Shatter Your Personal Records And Workout Plateaus. #Shatter Sx-7 Truly Does Work! Peak Atp (Adenosine 5′- Triphosphate Disodium) – Hard-Training Subjects Who Supplemented With Peak Atp In A 12-Week Human Clinical Study At The University Of Tampa Increased Strength Bythan Subjects Using A Placebo. Even Better These Same Subjects Gained 8.8 Lbs. Of Lean Muscle Versus The Placebo Group Who Only Gained 4.6 Lbs. – That’slean Muscle. The Peak Atp Compound Also Forces Crazy Muscle Pumps Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Felt. Myristica Fragrans – A Nutmeg Seed That Contains A Premium Compound Called Myristicin Which Contributes To The Unique Sensory Experience. Ecklonia Cava – A Premium Brown Algae That Contains Unique Polyphenols Called Phlorotannins. Holy Basil (As Ocimum Tenuiflorum) -An Adaptogenic Herb That Contains Ociglycoside I Rosmarinic Acid And Triterpene Acids Such As Oleanoic And Ursolic Acid. Beta-Alanine – #Shatter Sx-7 Contains A 1 200Mg Dose Of Beta-Alanine To Help Boost Your Muscle Carnosine Levels. Grains Of Paradise – Contains The Pungent Compound 6-Paradol. Caffeine – #Shatter Sx-7 Provides A Potent Dose Of The Stimulant Caffeine For Increased Focus Endurance And Energizing Effects.Shatter Personal Records And Plateaus!

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