Muscleology Nitro-Pro Protein Powder, Vanilla, 3 Pounds

Nitro-pro only uses premium whey protein isolate which is the highest quality and most superior protein source available, delivering 30g of great tasting muscle building protein in each serving. Nitro-pro dramatically improves nitrogen retention with targeted cellular transport amino acids so every gram of protein is directly fuel injected to damaged tissue for accelerated muscle growth. Daily use of nitro-pro promotes increased strength and speeds the recovery time from hard and intense training. Nitro-pro contains the highest value of branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine peptides to supports rapid muscle building and tissue repair, helping you build a strong, lean and great looking body. Nitro-pro can be used right up to a contest or photo shoot without having to worry about water retention and smoothing out. Nitro-pro is extremely low in sodium containing only 10mg per (1 scoop) serving.

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