Muscleology Nitro-Pro Extreme, Cookies And Cream, 3-Pound Tub

NITRO-PRO was created by Muscleologys Research & Development team to pack on maximum size and strength extremely fast. NITRO-PRO is the most advanced high performance whey protein matrix on the market today. Its proprietary blend targets the muscles with advanced Nitrogen Retention Accelerators, Hormone Activators, and its high speed Microsorb Amino delivery system. Everyones body has a different protein threshold that determines how much protein you can handle. By engineering these different elements, science has proven it is possible to increase BCAA bio-availability by over 250%, increase plasma amino acid levels over 100%, and increase nitrogen retention by 32%. Through this technology you will lose less unused protein throughout your body. No longer do you have to worry about unnecessary strain on your kidneys, gas, bloating or constipation. NITRO-PRO is the next level of protein supplementation for high performance athletes. Your Performance Our Passion.

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