Isatori - Bio-GRO - Bio Active Peptides - Protein Synthesis Amplifier - Post Workout Supplement Powder

Gain 6.3 Pounds Of Mass! Clinical Study Demonstrated An Average Of 6.3 Pounds Of Mass Gained In 8 Weeks With BIO-GRO, When Combined With Ta Training Regimen. Protein Synthesis Amplifier. Bio-Active Peptides. Recover Faster. Increase Strength. Build Muscle. Build Muscle, Recover Faster and Increase Strength with BIO_GRO! BIO-GRO Utilizes BIO-PRO Bio-Active Peptides (Baps) Which Are Cleaved Protein Fragments Extracted From The Highest Grade Bovine Colostrum. The First Ever To Utilize A Highly Concentrated Form Of Baps, BIO-GRO Signals The Body To Amplify The Muscle Protein Synthesis Process, And As Our Clinical Studies Have Shown, Help You To Recover Faster, Gain Strength, And Develop Lean Muscle More Efficiently After Intense Workouts. Instantized Easy Mixing. Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Stimulant Free.

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