HerbaSway HerbaGreen Tea, Impeccably Peach, 2 Ounce

HerbaSway?s Peach HerbaGreen Tea is a unique combination of green tea, kudzu root and lotus leaf that provides powerful antioxidants from different sources in a delicious tea concentrate. This tea is naturally decaffeinated and has a delicately balanced peach flavor. One cup of HerbaGreen tea provides the antioxidant power of up to 15 times that of brewed green tea. Supports a weight loss and dieting program. No calories, no sugar, all-natural and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. One 2oz bottle of Peach HerbaGreen Tea contains 60 servings to be diluted in any hot or cold beverage. It is perfect for school, office, at home or on the go, for kids young and old

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