Hank's Protein Plus Almond Butter Protein Spread, Almond Coconut Chip, 1 lb

Our second almond spread is the definition of a premium protein nut butter!  Throughout history there have been flavor combinations that have stood the test of time. Chocolate and peanut butter, vanilla and cinnamon, salt and caramel, apples and cinnamon?.. and there are others. The legacy of this almond butter is going to be well known someday because we have created the perfect marriage of almonds, vanilla, coconut and chocolate.  Why these flavors?  One day my beautiful wife said that we should make something that tastes as close to an Almond Joy as possible. She has the final word on all flavors, whether it is ?right or not.? Needless to say I knew this one would take some time. So we started with perfecting the blend of proteins. Manually mixing vanilla and coconut proteins takes more time than buying a pre-made one?.but the blend is ours, formulated by us so the taste is perfect. The protein is then placed into our 60 quart mixer with almonds, flax, stevia and salt. Lastly we grind each pound carefully making sure that a portion of the chocolate chips are dispersed evenly into the middle. Each pound is then topped with one ounce of the best desiccated coconut available and another half-ounce of chocolate chips.