Giant Sports Delicious Protein Vanilla Shake - 2 lbs

Giant Sports Delicious Protein is Specifically Formulated for: Bodybuilding Team Sports Weight Management Fitness and Figure Mixed Martial Arts Endurance Sports Is This The Greatest Protein Supplement Ever? You Tell Us!With 54 g of high quality protein and one of the lowest carb contents in its category, Giant Sports Delicious Protein is NOT a high carb meal replacement product masquerading as a protein powder. The fact is, with the price of milk & whey based proteins at an all-time high, many other brands are busy replacing the protein content of their products with cheap sugars and carbohydrates in order to preserve their profit margin. But who really wants more sugar and carbs in their protein powder? Nobody! You want more protein and less carbs. Isn’t this why it is called a “protein powder?” And it tastes great! That’s why we called it “delicious protein.” Why shouldn’t a protein shake taste anything but delicious? Perhaps you were wondering, “how can something this high in protein, low in carbs and low in fat taste so delicious?” Well it wasn’t easy! Only superior and refined palates with a wealth of experience and deep depth of sports nutrition formulation could conceive and execute a protein powder this great. People who defied the industry’s long history of “anything that tastes this delicious could not possibly be healthy or effective.” From the collective wisdom of nearly 40 years experience in formulating sports nutrition supplements comes the pinnacle of protein powders – combining a superb macro-nutrient profile and deeply satisfying taste. Why Giant Sports Delicious Protein is the Greatest Sports Nutrition Protein Ever6 Stage Protein Blended Formula For Optimized, Timed Nitrogen Retention and Continual Muscle Remodeling54 Grams of High Quality ProteinOnly 4 Grams of Carbohydrates Per ServingOnly 4 Grams of Fat Per ServingNo Added Sugars …

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