Giant Keto-Exogenous Ketones Supplement - Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Keto Powder Designed to Support Your Ketogenic Diet, Boost Energy and Burn Fat in Ketosis - Raspberry Lemonade - 20 servings

Provides you the opportunity to shift into a kenotic metabolic state in under one hour and it greatly reduces the suffering many people would normally experience as they transition into ketosis over several days of extreme dieting. What’s also amazing about Giant Keto is something we call “The Forgiveness Factor.” Let’s say you shift into ketosis after three days, only to accidentally mess it all up by eating something with a lot of “hidden carbs” (or if in a moment of weakness, you scarf down a bunch of donuts). This would throw you out of the fat burning, kenotic state and right back into carb-burning “regular metabolism.” Rather than starting over, you can take Giant Keto to keep your body in ketosis

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