Fit & Lean Collagen + Probiotics- Grass-fed Collagen Peptide Powder, Unflavored, 12.64oz

Enhance your body and beauty with Fit & Lean Collagen +probiotics. Protein is the foundation of a healthy body, and the most abundant protein in the body is collagen, making up over 30% of total body proteins. Collagen can be found in your hair, skin, nails, muscles, bones and joints. Collagen also helps promote satiety and reduces hunger. Fit & Lean Collagen + Probiotics features 11 grams of the highest quality, grass-fed collagen peptides, plus this advanced body and beauty formula also contains 1000% of the daily value of Biotin, a critical co-enzyme involved in metabolism, influencing growth and strength of hair, skin and nails. Lastly, it also contains 5 billion CFU of probiotics, from 5 unique strains including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium genuses. These “good bacteria” Can help you build an healthy micro bio Me, that can promote better digestion, regularity and immune health. With this powerful combination of grass-fed collagen peptides, Biotin and probiotics, you’ll be on your way to feeling and looking beautiful and fit!

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