EAS Muscle Armor Dietary Supplement Powder, Fruit Punch, 14 Servings, 14.9-Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

For Those Who Seek To Build MuscleThis Product OffersThe 3 primary ingredients in Muscle Armor have been clinically shown to increase muscle strength, muscle mass and muscle power.1.5 g Revigor, the amino acid metabolite HMB, helps protect against excessive muscle protein breakdown and increase muscle mass. Recommended 2 servings/day provides 3 g Revigor.7 g L-arginine, an amino acid, to help stimulate creatine and protein synthesis for muscle growth.7 g L-glutamine, an amino acids, is a building block needed for protein synthesis in muscle.More than 10 clinical studies on active ingredients demonstrated beneficial effects on muscle mass, strength and performance.

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