Dymatize Nutrition Elite Mass Gainer, Vanilla, 6-Pound

Elite Whey Protein is an effectual mean to fuel your muscles with high performance energy. Designed with Whey protein (Concentrate and Isolate) and a proprietary Milk protein matrix containing both Micelular Caseines and Caseinates, this power booster helps you grow strong masculine and also aids quick recovery.Features and Benefits:Helps increase muscle mass. Provides fast recoveryThwarts muscle catabolismAmplifies absorption & digestion21 grams of whey protein. Free from sucrose, fat, or aspartameElite Whey Protein has a perfect score on the PDCAAS scale, the most advanced protein determination of quality method available. These perfect scoring proteins have been combined with a flavor and texture profile beyond belief and truly worthy of the Gourmet name. It is available in rich flavors like Vanilla Crme, Milk Chocolate, Strawberries & Cream, Cookies & Cream and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

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