BPI Pump-HD Ultimate Pre-Workout Formula, Peaches 'n Cream, 11.64-Ounce

Pump-HD is a premier Pre-Workout, formulated with researched, trialed and tested ingredients designed to feed your muscle and fuel exercise performance. Combine this with an ultra strong Pre-Workout Energy System – the end can be explosive workouts unlike anything you may have experienced. Pump-HD contains THE tested form of Beta-Alanine, CarnoSyn, which has been shown in groundbreaking research to be the gold standard form of this compound. CarnoSyn is shown to work as a lactic acid buffer, which can help to reduce fatigue and increase exercise capacity. In short, CarnoSyn may help you to train harder and longer. In fact, research shows that a clinical dose (3.2 g daily) of CarnoSyn literally builds on the dose before, and that performance can continue to increase with ongoing use. For maximum benefit from Beta-Alanine, supplement with additional CarnoSyn to the clinical dose level of 3.2 g daily. Pump-HD also includes the most researched form of Creatine and the key branched chain amino acid Leucine. To complete this Advanced Pre-Workout formula, we’ve added an Electrolyte matrix to help rehydrate and refresh.

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