Anabolic Innovations Glycobol Capsules, 120 Count

You look big! You look full! We all know the look and Glycobol is a very powerful nutrient partitioner, as well. Glycobol helps utilize carbohydrates in a very efficient way, which helps boost performance to a new level. Carbohydrates will no longer be stored as fat.They will be used as fuel to provide your best workout yet! Glycobol is very versatile in how it can be dosed. This largely depends on your genetics (some people naturally partition better than others), as well as your goals and diet. Commonly, people who are on a fat loss diet are taking in less carbohydrates, which would necessitate less doses per day. Conversely, someone who is bulking would be taking in more carbohydrates and could potentially benefit from the full dose. A great way to find your own Glycobol dose is to pay close attention to how you feel. Do you have less of a bloat than normal? Are your more vascular than normal? Are you leaning out? If any of those apply to you, even if that is at only 2 capsules per day, you have found your sweet spot. We always recommend a tolerance assessment. For this, simply take 1 capsule of Glycobol approximately 30 minutes before a meal containing AT LEAST 25 carbohydrates, ideally complex carbohydrates. This would be Day 1. After all goes well with Day 1, you can gradually increase the doses per day. Again, all with at least 25 grams of complex carbohydrates. Each dose should be spread out with 4-6 hours in between. A dose with your pre-workout meals is encouraged, as the effects will last well into your post-workout window. This makes sure the carbohydrates end up where you want them. The influx of carbohydrates into the muscle will pull amino acids, creatine, etc, along with it. So make sure you are getting those as well!

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