Amino Fuel Liquid Orange Twinlab, Inc 32 oz Liquid

Amino Fuel Liquid Orange 32 oz LiquidProduct DescriptionAmino Fuel Liquid provides protein in its most easily digested, absorbable and utilizable form to maximize muscle growth and optimize protein synthesis. Research shows that when taken orally, peptide-bonded amino acids increase Nitrogen retention better than free form amino acid mixtures for optimum muscle growth.15g Per Serving of Protein from Amino AcidsIncludes Fast Absorbing, High Quality Branched Chain, Peptide-Bonded and Free Amino AcidsProtein in its Most Usable, Easily Digested Form to Maximize Muscle Growth and Optimize Protein SynthesisSuggested Use As a dietary supplement take three tablespoons daily or as recommended by a professional trainer. Amino Fuel may be also taken with meals, between meals, as an anabolic aid before workouts or after physical activity. For best results, use as part of a low-fat diet and exercise program – Or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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