Allmax Nutrition C:VOL Coconut Lime Mojito 13.2oz 30 servings

0 Sugars – 4 CreatinesCREMAGNAVOL¬†Creatine Magna Power – Patented Creatine-Magnesium ChelateLC – LTBetaSynthCreatineL-CarnitineBeta-Alanine5,000 mg – Creatine Chelate Complex2,500 mg – Free – Form L- Taurine1,000 mg – L- Carnitine L- Tartrate800 mg – Beta – AlanineDietary Supplement30 ServingsNatural & Artificial FlavorsSweetened with Sucralose & Acesulfame PotassiumVegancGMP Certified FacilityGluten FreePurpose:¬†Formulated to provide key nutrients to enhance Post-Workout Muscle Recovery, Strength and Volume in conjunction with Intense Training.The Ultimate Post-Workout Muscle-Recovery ComplexCVOL is a full-spectrum, post-workout recovery drink designed to deliver increases in Muscle Strength & Volume. CVOL has been formulated with 5 g of our Creatine Chelate Complex, 2.5 g L-Taurine, 1 g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, 1 g Betaine and 800 mg Beta-Alanine; a rock-star list of the “go-to” ingredients, dosed at effective levels for rapid recovery from intense training. CVOL fits your workout. It’s absolutely delicious, 100% sugar-free with next to no carbs. Want to build your gains faster than you ever thought possible?Multi-Source CreatineCreatine-Magnesium Chelate: Patented, ionically-bound and highly-stableCreatine Monohydrate: The most studied, most proven of all forms of CreatineCreatine HCI: 50x more soluble than typical CreatineCreatine Base: The purest of all forms of Creatine delivering the most Creatine gram for gramThe Creatine Absorption ComplexYour gains will only be as good as the absorption of your creatine formula1. Patented and branded CinnulinPF; 2. Extracts of Prickly Pear Cactus (opuntia ficus-indica), and; 3. Bitter Melon form a 3-extract matrix, that has a specific effect on the threshold of cellular nutrient uptake; simply stated, it makes it easier. Creatine has a well-known cellular absorption issue. While Creatine does not have an issue getting into the blood stream when taken orally, it can have an issue with the absorption into muscle cells

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