ABB Performance Carbo Force, Fruit Punch, 18-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 24)

Carbs are the body?s preferred fuel source for high-intensity activities like lifting, sprinting, throwing, and jumping – basically, all the stuff that you do for every sport from bodybuilding to shot-putting. So, you don?t want to skimp on them. Taking in the right types of carbs, at the right times, not only impacts how you perform today – it?ll determine your next training session too. CarboForce packs 100 grams of Stacked Carbs into just 18 oz. Better yet; it does so with just 15 grams of sugar per bottle. What You Need ? Energy & Glycogen Replenishment ? Quality Carbohydrates ? Hydration ? Lean Muscle What It?s Got ? 100 g of Stacked Carbs ? Just 15 g of Sugar ? 5 g Glycerol + Electrolytes ? 400 Calories